A JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications, especially for AJAX and other web-centric technologies.

Following are the most handy and useful JavaScript Library to enhance your web presence and user interactions with intuitive User Interface for your web applications.


Reveal.js, formerly CSS 3D Slideshow, is a tool which allows you to quickly create good looking HTML presentations. Beyond the changed name, the updated slideshow.



A very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit, that’s still small in size, has the features you need, and doesn’t get in your way of doing things!



Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.



Javascript forms validation. Powerful, UX aware & Dead simple.

Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd.



A collection of CSS list scroll effects. Works in browsers with support for CSS 3D transforms including a special touch-enabled mode for iOS & Android 4.x.

Download: https://github.com/hakimel/stroll.js

Demos: http://lab.hakim.se/scroll-effects/


A dead-simple way to generate dynamic bits of HTML and add subtle effects to your content.

Dynamo is the cutest/helpful/pretty/subtle/simple way to add a new dimension to your site content. Cycle through various bits of text to add subtle variations to your work, or to draw attention to portions of your webpage.



Leaflet is a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is developed by Vladimir Agafonkin with a team of dedicated contributors. Weighing just about 28 KB of JS code, it has all the features most developers ever need for online maps.


OSM Buildings

Building geometry using OpenStreetMap files.

OSM Buildings uses Leaflet mapping engine and HTML5 canvas and requires the geometry data of the area to be visualized.



When your users load a page, retina.js checks each image on the page to see if there is a high-resolution version of that image on your server. If a high-resolution variant exists, the script will swap in that image in-place.



Kartograph is a simple and lightweight framework for building interactive map applications without Google Maps or any other mapping service. It was created with the needs of designers and data journalists in mind.

Actually, Kartograph is two libraries. One generates beautiful & compact SVG maps; the other helps you to create interactive maps that run across all major browsers.



KineticJS is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that enables high performance animations, transitions, node nesting, layering, filtering, caching, event handling for desktop and mobile applications, and much more.



sigma.js is an open-source lightweight JavaScript library to draw graphs, using the HTML canvas element. It has been especially designed to:

  • Display interactively static graphs exported from a graph visualization software – like Gephi
  • Display dynamically graphs that are generated on the fly



Socialite provides a very easy way to implement and activate a plethora of social sharing buttons — any time you wish. On document load, on article hover, on any event!

If you’re selling your soul, you may as well do it asynchronously. Socialite won’t cause document rendering to hang while waiting for 50kb of social media.


A framework-agnostic styled alert system for javascript.

Lightweight, flexible, css3 animation, blah blah blah easy to use something clever needs to go here.



jPages is a client-side pagination plugin but it gives you a lot more features comparing to most of the other plugins for this purpose, such as auto page turn, key and scroll browse, showing items with delay, completely customizable navigation panel and also integration with Animate.css and Lazy Load.



Morris.js is the library that powers the graphs on http://howmanyleft.co.uk/. It’s a very simple API for drawing line, bar, area and donut charts.